Celebrity Secrets

Written for Little Burgundy Magazine, published in September 2008. Magazine can be found at Little Burgundy Shoes.

Celebrity Secrets

Based in Hollwood, California, Kitson jewelry is a mix of fantasy, humor and fun-loving celebrity pop culture. From little Lego men, ice cream cones and sunglasses, to religious symbolism, Kitson’s goal is to make people laugh. I recently spoke with partner and designer of Kitson jewelry, Jason Landver about his vision.

  1. Tell me about your background.

Jewelry has run deep in my heritage for the past three generations. My grandfather was a metal worker in a factory in the Soviet Union, my father owns a large fine jewelry company and I’m a designer and partner in the Kitson jewelry company. While other kids were at camp, I began visiting the factory at age five and learned every stage of the business, from coming up with the concepts, to seeing the product in the store.

2. What are the main inspirations for your collections?

Our jewelry is inspired by what celebrities are really thinking; these are Hollywood’s little secrets. Kitson brings the energy of the hottest Hollywood nightclubs to every country around the world.

3. How did Lucas Design International come about?

Ten years ago, we decided to start a company focusing on fashion jewelery and accessories. We wanted it to lean towards high trends which followed the schedules of apparel brands, along the four seasonal brands a year. We were looking to create bold/breathtaking jewelery that had  a fashion edge, with colors and sizes changing every season,  similar to apparel.

4.What should every customer who purchases a Kitson product know?

Kitson is committed to bringing the freshest jewelry and accessories trends to inspire youth culture. We are going to continue to do that for every season.

5. What would you say is the secret to your success as a designer for Kitson?

I am heavily inspired by my Hollywood surroundings and only makes jewelry that fashion  trendsetters want to wear.

6. There have been numerous celebrities, such as Britney Spears and Nicole Richie, wearing your jewelery. What is your reaction when you see this? What do you think the appeal is for them? 

I feel very happy and honored when I see a celebrity fashion icon wearing my creations. I know that they have gifts thrown at them on a daily basis, usually from major brands, but instead, celebrities go into Kitson and buy our products. I’ve never paid for endorsements.  Celebrities go to our store every week to see what the coming trend is because we set the trend. The fact that  these celebrities feel that my jewelry communicates with them and expresses how they feel makes me proud. Our company is tapping into their feelings and speaking to them.

Our jewelry is about not taking life too seriously and Kitson produces high quality material that will last forever. When you wear our designs, you can  spark up a conversation anywhere you go with it because of how unique it is.

7. Do you have a muse? 

Definitely my girlfriend. She’s beautiful, highly stylized and has great fashion sense.

8. Besides jewelry, what are your passions?

Jewelry is just the beginning for us. We have our sites set on fashion accessories. We are also working on accessories such as handbags, hats, belts, scarves, watches and other small leather goods.

Besides the fashion world, I am very interested in nature conservation, adventure travel, the arts and philanthropy.

9. Where has your passion for jewelry had you traveling?

The most exotic places. The forests of Bali, rural mainland China, central America, Moscow, Bangkok, amongst others.

10. Where’s your favorite place to go to relax and get away from it all?

The ski slopes of Whistler, Canada.

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